BeCyberSure Offers Cyber Health-Check to Improve Readiness to Thwart Attack

WannaCry highlights the vulnerability of organisations operating older systems

LONDON, 16th MAY 2017 – In the wake of the WannaCry ransomware attack BeCyberSure is offering SMEs a new simple and inexpensive Cyber Health-Check to help them ensure their systems are up-to-date and protected against inevitable future cyberattacks.

The WannaCry ransonmware attack has highlighted the vulnerabilities that arise from not updating systems regularly and correctly. In the case of this attack computers running old Microsoft operating systems, such as Windows 8 or Windows XP have proven vulnerable. However, devices running Windows 10 which have not been updated since March 2017 may also be vulnerable to attack.

CEO of BeCyberSure, Andrew Taylor explains: “The good news is that Microsoft has responded quickly to halt the attack by issuing updates for its older ‘retired’ operating systems. So, whilst new reported cases of infection seem to have subsided, BeCyberSure is urgently advising that these updates are applied as soon as possible.”

It is often the case that a few precautionary measures, together with a small budget and a culture of vigilance, can significantly improve the protection of an SME organisation. A BeCyberSure Cyber Health-Check quickly identifies and highlights areas within an organisations processes, procedures, governance arrangements and technology architecture. All of which may leave the organisation open to attacks from criminals, or at risk of compliance failings relating to current and forthcoming legislation such as GDPR. Crucially, BeCyberSure does not require access to any proprietorial data to conduct the Health-Check.

A BeCyberSure Cyber Health-Check results in a confidential report detailing what action (if any) is required to improve an organisations readiness to thwart a cyberattack. Taylor adds: “We will be able to quickly tell you where the holes are in your organisation and then you can either fix these vulnerabilities yourselves, our expert team can help you carry out the work, or we can take care of the entire process.”

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