10 May 2016: Defending Law Firms

10 May 2016: Defending Law Firms

Defending Law Firms from Cyber-attack Conference


BeCyberSure is presenting at this high profile conference. Aimed at the key players in the legal profession.

Cyber – The New Battleground

  • The threats and how to deal with them;
  • It’s NOT just ‘cyber’;
  • The dangers include: Insider issues; BYOD; Social Engineering and Social networks

With the 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey estimating that 90% of corporations having experienced a cyber security breach in the last year, cybercrime is a national scale problem that requires immediate action. Cybercrime costs the UK around £27 billion every year and although some government action has been taken to stem this financial haemorrhage, it remains a growing threat. Law firms are particularly vulnerable to this criminal activity, as they often deal with the kind of sensitive information targeted by fraudsters. For this reason, businesses must take measures to protect themselves, safeguarding their digital infrastructure with appropriate software and staff training.